Online Check-in Question

I have my TP fax ready to go to get loop 2100 in FW cabins. It’s scheduled to be sent tonight (midnight I think).

But at the same time I am getting WDW email reminders to check-in online. Do I need to wait to complete online check-in until after the fax is sent?

Also, I have Cabin request info listed (loop 2100, etc) in the online reservation. From reading other posts, it looks like I need to clear out cabin request information from the online reservation to keep from confusing Disney.

So, I want to use the TP fax but at the same time do the online check-in for an easier first day. Will this work?


Definitely do Disney’s online check in! Just leave any request options in there blank, and let the TP fax take care of that part of it for you.

Thanks! My fax has already gone to WDW. But I can’t seem to clear my online reservation of the request detail - its grayed out. I wonder if it’s too late to clear the form. I am thinking that the fax and line info are pretty similar so hopefully not confusing. Guess I will go ahead and complete the online reservation and see what happens. BTW…what kind of success have you have with the early check-in requests?

I put requests in my online check in that were similar to what the TP room request fax asked for. I didn’t get the exact room I requested, but got a very similar one that was actually better than I had asked for. It worked fine having info both places.

Do you find out your room number online or when you arrive at the resort?

Looks like I won’t know the exact room until I arrive at FW. I checked in online though so it should be an easy process. I will receive a text message when the room is ready.