Online check-in or not

Okay, so I have the rooms I want and plan to use TP fax to request. Should I also use on-line check in beforehand? Is there a benefit to talking to CM at the front desk area to see if there are any upgrades or pixie dust to spread around? Or is that benefit outweighed by the convenience of being able to go directly to your hotel room when you arrive?

There is absolutely no benefit to not doing online check in. If there is an issue with your room, when you get the text there is a number you can call.

I have been upgraded a few times. Every single time that upgrade was assigned before I arrived.


I have always used online check in and have been upgraded several times. I don’t see any downside to the online check in.

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As already stated it won’t hurt to do online check in. I have walked past a check in line with excited kids clearly trying to contain the excitement waiting in line. I have also seen a few LONG check in lines on our arrival. We have been upgraded one time from my TP request. The room I requested was toward the edge of preferred rooms. I ended up several doors down closer to where we wanted to be in an upgraded room type.

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