One weekday to do Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios Suggestiins?

Does anyone have a plan for seeing both parks in one day? Mostly interested in rides and dining. It’s just for my husband and I and we would like to start in Animal Kingdom. I can start making Fastpass reservations tomorrow. Thank you in advance!

Two of my favorite parks! What will you hope to do at HS? I am sure you will have others but I would arrive at AK at least one hour prior to opening. I would then get on FoP with the pre rope drop crowd. After FoP I would head directly to EE, and then Safari ( this should get you there within the first hour). I would go to the first FoLK show and plan the trails before/after.

I personally would save my FPs for HS. I don’t think you will have any luck getting more than one if you FP AK and if you are at AK early enough you can save them. RnR and ToT are “must do” for me and I would be disappointed if I missed them but I will never enter a 60 minute line.


Are you commando style all day park goers? Is this your first trip? Do you have any must dos?

If you’re going to do headliners at 2 parks in one day, I’d RD the first park to get lower wait times there, relatively speaking, and get FP in the 2nd park. If you’re going to RD for FOP, you’ll probably want to get to AK waaaaaay before the park opens.

I’d start by RD FOP. Then I’d do other attractions until lunch, maybe EE, Dinosaur, KS, and Gorilla Falls Trail. I’d do a TS/buffet lunch at one of the AK restaurants. (DHS isn’t known for its food, though there are definitely those who enjoy the restaurants there.)

After lunch I’d go to DHS. I’d do SDD if I had a FP for it, RNR, ToT, and Star Tours. I’d probably travel to a Boardwalk area hotel or Epcot to have a late dinner.