One week till our trip! Any thoughts on our plans

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First of all I LOVE your organized document!!! :smiley: How many kids have appointments at the BBB? I only ask b/c that place can take forever and definitely allow an hour - hour and a half but that should be worst case scenario so I think you’ll still be out in time to meet Ariel before CRT at 2:20!
Also - how did you get 4 fast passes each day?

We had to split a couple up to get the times we wanted. Our 4yo has a fop fp even though she won’t be riding. I just have that in case we get sdd that day. It just out daughter doing bbb. Me and the boys may go try to get test track in or go back to the pool. With emh the night before at MK I’m think a half day there will be good for them.

If you are bringing those documents into the park for reference, I would only put 1 day per page. less to carry, less impact if lost or thrown away.

You seem to be quite meticulous, like myself. That is what I would do :slight_smile:

Oh I just printed from the my plans page when you edit a fast pass. I finally figured out that if you highlight the text and print the text only it prints it like it appears on the MDE website.

Gotcha. I thought you re-typed it in some other doc.

My family of 4 will arrive at the Poly on June 18.
We won’t be quite as organized but I know my way around😏

Just wanted to say hi and we will be there the exact same dates! 3 of our park days are identical too!

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We get to Poly the 14th!!! Your Big Thunder Mtn FP after Ohana may be a bit of a rush if you sit late or transportation takes too long, but other than that it looks good.

Can’t wait to see ya’ll there! If you see a 4yo girl with extremely blond hair with two boys that’s us!


Will be there the same dates! I thought I had all my plans done really well, but now after seeing others I’m not so sure. I’ll know next week ha! Have a great time!

Where are you staying?


Hope everyone’s room request comes through. Hoping for 1813 roatonga, we’ll see I guess

Yes sorry I was asking Jennie. I hope you have a wonderful trip! We stayed at the Poly last year and loved it!