One trip, two many trips?!

Yesterday my sister and I finalized dates for our parents 40th anniversary trip we are planning in February.

Instead of staying onsite (12+ people, cost was INSANE as we both like nice places), we rented a gorgeous house!

And then I took it one further and booked a trip by myself for September. AP room discounts…and I need one more long haul on JetBlue for a mileage bonus.

Y’all. This is becoming a problem.

One I know you will ALL understand.

Oh and my magic bands got wild last night:

Send help. I’ve given up on real life and will spend the next 2 months figuring out how to move to Walt Disney World and never leave.

This will make it 8 trips in a year. Or 9. I think I’ve lost track.


You know we are more likely to join you than to send help- right?


LOVE your magic bands!!! What materials did you use to bling them out?

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Oh well in that case…party at WDW Sept 17-20? :joy::joy:

I invited a few friends along, not sure if they can make it or not. I’m going with or without them. But every time I’ve said that? I end up with a full party in my room! LOL.


I use a custom glue that I blend (I work on a lot of shoes and clothing items), and the crystals, well, it’s just leftovers from HUGE projects. A pair of shoes takes 14,000-20,000 stones…and I am utterly an overachiever so I ALWAYS buy extra.



OMG! That is a ton of jewels!

I suffer from your same problem. Every time I finish a trip and don’t have an upcoming trip, I get antsy and think I have to make use of my AP. Next thing you know I’m planning another trip.

Your magic bands are amazing. You put my stoning ability to shame.


I am right there with you both. I have fallen waaayyyyy down the rabbit hole of Disney! My mom asked me what I wanted to do for my 40th birthday next year and I didn’t even hesitate. DISNEY!!!


I see no problems here.
Let’s just focus on the magic bands, :grin:


Oh, Disney on a milestone birthday–that’s perfect!! I had the same thought for next year.


Still have a ways to go before our trip, but so far, I’ve found the planning to be so much fun! I’m sure the actual time there will be, too, but honestly, I’m really reveling in the prep time. I think I’ll miss it most of all when we’re done!

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I’ll help you carry your bags!!


Why didn’t I think of this??
It is my 50th next year - I think that a trip to Disney may be required.
Although my birthday is early Jan & I have a tentative trip planned the first week in Dec so I can see the Christmas decorations and go to MVMCP.
I will need to mull this over LOL


ummm - Let’s see, help… , help . . .
Nope, doesn’t compute


I dunno, sounds to me like you pretty much got it figured out :wink:

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What I hear you saying is that you need to go in early December and then book a bounce back offer for early January! =) Just be mindful of the runDisney dates in January as that will impact crowds.


Omg. Y’all are GREAT.

Lets tally up future trips currently booked:

August (3 Weeks away!) on-site
September onsite
October for my birthday (off site, bringing my 3 kids and they like space, so I’m booking a time share)
December onsite
February offsite for 8 nights

I know we are going next summer for a week with friends. Probably May again for DH and i’s Anniversary.

And who knows what I will plan between March-May!

I can’t in january, that’s my busiest month for work and my boss will have a meltdown if I ditch her. Maybe a quick 2-night hop? :joy::joy:

And we won’t even discuss Disneyland trips. IN FACT, we are in line at the parking garage right now.


@Randall1028 when are you there in September with your mom? Wonder if we overlap…would be fun to meet your mom and do something special and magical. I’ll be there the 17-20. Lmk. :grin:


You are an inspiration! With so many trips, I have to ask. What is your resort of choice? Feel free to choose one in the value, moderate, and deluxe categories if you can’t narrow it down to one!

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Unfortunately, we’ll miss you by about a week and change. We’re there 9/1 - 9/9

My #1 choice would be the Boardwalk. Mainly location, and I’m OBSESSED with the creepy clown pool.

#2 Ft wilderness cabins. Best with the family. We have sensory issues in our group, so this is great to come back and relax in after a stimulating day.

I haven’t stayed anywhere else on property, except all-star movies last December, which I will never do again. I would prefer to be off property than stay all-star. Just too loud and so far from everything. I can book a Marriott or Hilton for close to the same cost, and have a heavenly bed.

I am looking forward to Caribbean Beach in September and Port Orleans in December. We did look VERY closely at DVC, but it doesn’t make sense for us. (But I do have friends with DVC, and will totally accept invites to stay with them. :joy: I bring perks and cookies!) I have zero desire to stay in all the resorts, I am SUCH a creature of habit!! I booked CB because it was such a deal, and the December trip, well, I’m crashing someone else’s planned trip…they offered me a place to stay and I said “I’ll be there!”.

December 2017 was my first trip to WDW. I’ve been 4 times including that trip and I have 4 more trips planned for 2018, and we will probably make it out there at LEAST 5 times in 2019.

We stayed offsite last week and we had just as much of a wonderful time. My DH and I have INSANE schedules, so hopping on a plane to Florida forces us to take a vacation and “unplug” for the most part.

We went to a disneyland today and the difference between today and last week was HUGE. My DH was stressed and anxious, whereas last week he was in total vacation mode.

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