One trip, two sets of tickets

I am hoping for some sage advice on how to handle FPP for an upcoming trip.

The background: My daughter is going on a trip with Dance the World in June. And with this trip she will be purchasing a 4DPH as a required on the part of the tour. The rest of the family can “get away” with purchasing our own tickets through MVT for the entire 8 day trip. And of course, my 15DD will have 2 different 4DPH tickets that cannot be upgraded at Disney.

The confusing, I have never had to deal with this part: Those two sets of tickets concern me for FPP. Will making FPP be seamless for her - ie I can make FPP for her with the rest of us for her 2 sets of 4DPH? OR do I need to make her a MDE on her own?

Or is there another option that I am not aware of?

Thanks for any help here.

Neither ticket can be upgraded at Disney!

As long as her tickets are assigned to her in MDE and she is on your account, you can make her FPP when you make yours.

So the rest of us in the family will have an 8 day ticket, DD will have two four day tickets. Do FPP work the same - 60 days out from the first day of our stay?

And can I add her ticket information into my MDE? We have only ever had one trip planned at a time, this is all new!

Yes, you add her tickets to your MDE. She will have access to 8 days worth of FPs.