One time use points increase

Just got this email fyi.

Ouch. If you max out on this it’s $528. I suppose depending on the accommodation it might be worth it? I also don’t know when the last price increase was on this feature, and I know the rental market has increased substantially so from that perspective it makes sense. But still ouch.

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Honestly, if I needed an extra night and needed to buy points I’d just book an all stars room instead lol

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I literally was about to come and post this.

This is a 15% increase. I suppose it aligns with roughly the going rental price per point. But…annoying that DVC members ultimately don’t get a “discount” on effectively renting points from Disney.

That’s what I did: 3 adults $133 total.

Agree with all of this. Being able to buy those e tra points was a really nice optuon. Not cheap, but nice. But that is a hefty chunk of change. Too bad memebers have to pay market rates or higher.

Agree, if it were a studio I needed. But I’m looking at a longer stay in a 2BR or GV next winter and I might be short just a few points - in that case it’s worth the $22/point to buy them to maintain that accommodation without borrowing

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This is a good point.

I don’t understand what this means :joy:

Also, the time I bought 16 points was goe Hilton Head, so it really was the only way to get that last night.

I hate that the Mouseowners boards are gone. Transfer points were a beutiful thing. Much harder to find safely now.

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So far I’ve not done a lot of borrowing. Buying that second contract really helped with that. I’m more of a bank it forward kind of gal :wink: It’s a good thing I have PTO limitations to constrain me or otherwise I wouldn’t be that kind of gal at all!

absolutely this(these?). We should be given a lower-than-retail-rental price. If they want to make it so you can’t RENT those points to others once you buy, I’m cool with that. But there’s no benefit to getting it directly from Disney.

…wait…you have points left over before the end of the year? (ur doin’ it wrong. :grin: )

I also love that they gave everyone absolutely zero heads up on this.

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Not always :wink: This year I did borrow like 3 points I think from my 2022 allotment (Dec use year, Sept travel).

But generally due to restrictions on my ability to take time off, and a total of 300 points annually now, yes I do sometimes have a smidgy bit left over. They are usually earmarked. This year, for example, I’m sitting on something like 242 that I’m expecting to bank forward. I’ll hold off in case we change our minds and want a trip over summer or fall, but basically I want to utilize those to take our families to WDW around Christmastime if Juju is in College Program then. So they are “left over” right now but spoken for.

It would be much harder to not be taking a trip before then if not for my Africa trip. Since that’s using up 2 weeks of PTO, I have nothing left for now which makes that “decision” easy :slight_smile:

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I travel in really point heavy seasons and got spoiled with all my extra points because I bought during COVID.

I bought 120 thinking that would cover me every other year in the 2nd highest point chart
But 3 nights at the Grand Cal over spring break is 90 points :flushed:

I am going to get a second contract. I have been thinking Poly direct when the new tower opens, but I am pretty sure I am going to just buy as many Poly points as I can on resale (with a Sept UY) around that same time.

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I am so anxious to find out all of the details around this (like, aren’t we all, right?)

Absolutely! I have to admit it would be nice just to call them up and buy the Sept points on my 2% cash rewards credit card and be done with it! Resale is a process.

If the details work out the way we want (for me that is same condo association) and the intro price point is right, DH asked if we should sell our AK contract and put it all towards one Poly contract for a blue card. But then Inwould have fewer points than if I just add on a small contract - and a blue card isn’t worth that to me.

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Okay, so I just saw a 30 point OKW Septemeber reslae contract for $108 and I thinknI need it!

Or better yet, the 100 points at $98 per point. Now I am doing the math…


It confused me too. My 2023 points have already been used/booked.

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Actually, so have mine.

But, I have my 2022 allotment waiting until closer to bank time to bank forward and immediately add on to that same booking :slight_smile: