One time use points and multiple contracts

This question is purely theoretical in nature…it isn’t for something I am planning…but I was thinking about it in general.

I know you can buy up to 24 one time use points in your use year to use during the 7 month window timeframe. But is that 24 point limit per membership, or per contract? If you own more than one contract, can you buy up to 24 for each?

In our case, we own 120 pts at SSR, and will soon have two 25 points contracts at BWV. Does this we could buy up 72 one time use points?

Not sure we would ever do that, in practice, even if we could.

It’s per membership per use year.

You can also only buy them at the time of making a booking.

If you want to have them in your account by 8am at the 7 month mark, you can book a dummy reservation to use the right number of OTU points and then cancel it.

The dummy reservation must be in the right use year and be more than 31 days out to avoid the pounts going into holding when you cancel.