One sit down meal in Universal, which would you choose


Family of 4, DW, DD (8), and DS (6). We are staying at Royal Pacific for a night and will take advantage of Express pass for 2 days in the park. We will also be in a nearby condo the rest of the week and are planning to spend at least another evening in the parks with the 3 days free passes.

The first day when we have the hotel room, we are planning on taking a break and enjoying the pool. But day 2, we will be checked out so we won’t be going back for a swim or anything. At the same time, I think the kids will do better if we chill for a little bit in the middle of the heat. So I was thinking we would break for a nice lunch. We won’t be in a hurry, so anywhere on the properties will do. If you had to choose one meal for a family, which would it be? Any can’t miss experiences?


The Palm at HRH is relaxing.


With the ages of your children I am going to say Toothsome’s.


We liked Mythos in IOA or Margaritaville on the Citywalk.


We liked Toothsome and Cowfish (my daughter is 10).


Cowfish is one of my kids favorite.


Cowfish, Bubba Gump Seafood Company, Amatista Cookhouse at Sapphire Falls and The Kitchen at the Hard Rock Hotel are our favorite sit down restaurants there.


I would vote for Toothsome in City walk or Mythos in Islands of Adventure.


Thank you all for the responses. Might end up doing two if we end up staying close to City Walk. Going to narrow it down to toothsome and Mythos for the family and let them pick…yup…taking the easy way out here :wink:


Perhaps it was just my experience, but while the food at Mythos was very good, the service was incredibly slow. We waited so long for our food that all I could think about was how we were wasting so much park time sitting there waiting. The kids were also getting very hungry waiting.

I highly recommend Cowfish (though it looks like you have eliminated that from contention).


I had great service at Mythos, so I don’t know which one of us had the unusual experience. At Mythos I think the appetizers are a highlight. I also love the seasonal risotto.


I only went there once, around 11:00am, and the service wasn’t slow. We even were in the room that had the view of park. It was great. I’m not sure if the service is usually slow or not, but our experience was good.


We also had good service at Mythos. It wasn’t “fast”, but it is a sit down restaurant and we wanted to relax. I would say it was the right amount of time for a TS meal.


Cowfish looks like a good atmosphere…we are just not into sushi. I know they have burgers too…but taking out 1/2 the pull seems to miss the point.


Fair point. We ate at Cowfish twice … once had sushi, once had burgers and both times had delicious shakes!

I haven’t been to Toothsome yet, but my brother and nephew really liked it.


With kids Toothsome’s also adds the “back story” and a couple of characters.


We don’t eat sushi but it was still a fantastic meal. You don’t eat everything on the menu at any restaurant. But you’ve got to rule places out somehow.


I loved Cowfish too.


When in city walk don’t miss out on Voodoo Donuts. Even if its just to stop and get one. My kids loved it and so did I.


It’s on my list.