One reporters perfect 3 day plan...NOT

I was reading this and had to stop, she has NO clue. I had to scroll down to read some of the reviews to see if people can really see just how bad this was. I had to share this with those who understand.

I hope many people take her advice. That way the lines will be less for us :wink:

Honestly, even if it were my first trip, I could do better than that. Horrible plan.

I’m only 2 paragraphs in. sure… go ahead just ride 7DMT… and yep… go grab a Dole Whip Pineapple Float real quick before the fireworks… mmm hmmmm…

and she jumps from Fantasmic! to Jellyrolls… what the what?? She said she was fast-paced, but she’s all over the place.

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I dont know… its not the worst advice ever… its better than people just showing up and saying… OMG this place is packed. She seems to be pointing out places that most people would miss the first time… hehe. I was shocked that Aloha Island made the article.

Spirit of Aloha? Just walk in and ride 7DMT one evening? pfft.

When is the best time to get a dole whip? The line is always so long I never get one.

@AliceInChicagoland, DH says at RD :smile:. Truthfully mid-morning has almost no line in our experience, but we travel in the slow season. Evenings seem lighter too. I’m not a fan so I’m usually shopping or people watching while he gets his fix.

Thanks @sarasue8!

I second mid-morning. That’s when we got ours with no line and that was the last week in June. There is also something very “vacationy” about your midmorning snack being a frozen treat!

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Not all of it is bad advice and I can assure you someone of our friends would think this was great. We have friends who waltz in mid-morning, ride a few rides, eat, parade, stand in line for way too long, etc. It’s not our touring style and she never mentioned FPP and made it all seem so easy…and Spirit of Aloha?