One park day

if you could only go for one day which park would you go to and why? Im coming from cali so I have been to universal hollywood… planning a trip to disney world but it looks like we might have one extra day to play.

I think I would pick a park that is completely different than DL. That would mean either HS or AK. If you are going before Toy Story Land opens I would say AK.

we are already doing 5 days in wdw… I thought about adding one universal day. Just not sure which universal park to pick… then again I might just pass on universal all together

Sorry- haven’t done that in a long time (missed Universal). I would say US if I only had one park but I do not think it would be worth the extra cost.

When are you going? If you want to see all of HP world then you need park to park pass to get on the Hogwarts Express.

I would base that decision on what, if any, franchises you are a fan of. If you like Jurassic Park, I would go to Islands of Adventure. Same if you’re big fans of Marvel. If you like Harry Potter, that’s a tough one. The best themed area is in Universal Studios, but the best themed ride is at Islands of Adventure.

You can certainly fit in a whirlwind highlights trip to both IOA and USF in one day, if you get the park to park ticket.

Agreed with @rebeecky. I personally have to say that HP is far and way the best executed franchise. I would look at Undercover Tourist to get a 2park ticket that way you can also take the Hogwart’s Express. Baring not doing a 2 park ticket - I agree - determine which franchises / rides you prefer and do that side. I was not a big US fan - “Ewww why would you go there when you can go to WDW???!!!” However after our last trip - my family actually prefers US to WDW - so tastes change. Have fun!!!

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