One Night POFQ, then to AKL, Where to Send Luggage?

So we just decided to add one night at the start of our trip at POFQ…rather than flying out at 6 in the morning, we can fly down at 3 the day before, take our time, have a leisurely evening and just rest… My question is this…since I’ll have luggage tags for both hotels, should I have it sent to POFQ, and then have bell services send it on to AKL the next day? Or should I just tag it to AKL and have it delivered straight there? (And we’ll take a carryon with enough for the one night…)

I think I have heard reports of it working , and of it not working. If you have it delivered to AKL a day early, you are not in their system since you do not have a reservation for that day. It could confuse them.


That was my first thought, but as I’ve only stayed onsite once I thought I would let other people speak up!

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I’ve done this scenario multiple times. I’ve always had the bags tagged to the first hotel and then sent onward to the second hotel then next morning. Bags have always made it to the second hotel by 3:00 PM without fail.

I never mess with a good thing.

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To clarify- you never have tried to send them directly to the second resort from the airport?

I think someone once mentioned that even though they tagged bags for second resort they found them at the first resort and sent them there.

No … As it applies to me:

  • I have never seen where it would be advantageous

  • It seems to be contra to the way the system was designed and represents a higher risk for error

We did 1 night at POP then the rest of our trip at AKL, and tagged our bags for POP. I think it would confuse them otherwise, and was easy to just bring them to bell services to transfer the next morning.

I wouldn’t risk it. Send them to your first resort. Bell services is awesome for transferring!!!

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