One More Try…FARTS Don’t Fail Me Now!

Last trip before our AP passes expire. Staying at cheap ASS instead of my favorite POP since skyliner is down. On the road late because a child woke up sickish, have put older brother in charge and hoping nothing escalates. With our track record…Anyway, due to the late start we are still an hour away from 75 so may as well start a report. Do you locals think it will rain tonight? @ThorKat or @ScottFL ? We are contemplating extra hours at MK, but won’t be worth getting wet for.


Unfortunately, Tampa has intermittent showers forecasted for tonight. With the way the pattern looks, I’d assume WDW is going to get the same thing.


Home :heart:


The rain has been weird and intermittent today and the radar keeps changing.


It’s been a long time since we’ve stayed at ASS. We have noticed how much smaller it seems than Pop. But I’m a big sports fan, so the decor and atmosphere are great. The room seems to be recently refurbed. We are staying in tonight, watching playoffs and resting up for AK tomorrow.



I also have not prepared and followed an actual TP in forever, but the new site seems easier to use so I made one for AK tomorrow.

We are not Pandora fans (one and done for us) so AK is usually a half day. I think this plan is pretty doable.


Nice! :camera_flash:

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Hope you guys have a great day tomorrow!


In line at AK


Enjoy! Fingers crossed that the rain holds off for you!

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It did! Cloudy, hot and humid, but no rain. :grinning:


Ok, y’all. We had the most magical CM encounter we’ve ever had. Backstory first. During our April trip we found the 100 Years Celebration Medallions and set out to collect them all. We got Epcot’s and then got sick and had to go home. :frowning_face: Before our November trip I printed up a list of all 60 something medallions and we were ready to complete the collection. We got the ones from the resorts and Disney Springs on our arrival day and MK’s on day one. Day two was HS where we received the awful news about my niece so home again. Only four medallions from AK were left to get! Dh rearranged his work schedule and we booked this trip with the main goal of getting those coins. Today was AK day. We found the machine but noticed it didn’t say 100 Year Celebration. We asked the CM and she explained that since the celebration was over they had removed all the machines. We couldn’t believe it! We told her that the four AK coins were the only ones we needed and she said she was sorry. We went in the shop and griped a bit
(Dh may have said this lol) and then as we walked out there was dear Polina the CM with the medallions in her hand. She said she knew there were some around, she just had to make sure they were there. It was such a magical wonderful moment! I wanted to hug her but I refrained lol. So no matter what happens on the rest of this trip, we have this awesome memory forever.


Animal Kingdom day! Cloudy, hot and sooooo humid but the rain held off and we had a great day. We rope dropped Dinosaur.

And then trekked over to KS right as it opened. Tiny wait, nothing too bad.

Hippo side eye.

We did the Gorilla Trail and saw so many of them out and about.

Also, best hippo closeup ever!

We took the first train to Conservation Station and did the animation class. We also saw them do a liver biopsy on a super tiny bird.

We then walked the Tiger trail and were pretty disappointed to see no tigers. Until the end when this happened.

My pictures are getting out of order. Anyway, last stop was operation dino liberation. No dino, but did manage a small Mickey.

We headed out to avoid rain, but now I’m in the room typing this up and there is still no rain. How odd for the forecast to be wrong. :upside_down_face:



That is so wonderful! How kind of her to do that for you. :blue_heart:


Aww, I love this story. What do the medallions look like?

How long you in the World?


Awwweee! This is magical.

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This is awesome!


We are here until Friday.


Oh pretty! I don’t think I was aware of these fun trinkets.