One MDE account or multiple?

We (2 kids age 8 and 11) are going to all four parks with my sister’s family (3 kids age 4, 9, 13) and my Dad. There are 10 of us.

Our tickets came yesterday and I need to load all the info so I can book Fastpasses. But, I’m undecided about whether I should put all tickets on my account? Or have a separate account from my sister (but connected through ‘family and friends’).

What do others recommend? We plan to do a lot/some of things together, but not everything. And my Dad will be with one or the other, depending.


Also, does my Dad need his own MDE account? Or can I simply add him to mine?

Every time I’ve scheduled something through MDE, be it dining reservations or FastPasses, there is an option to select which members the setting applies to. I manage the reservations for my family (me, DW, DD10 and DS8). So, even if you are all connected, you don’t have to do everything together: you can select which people in your party are going to dinner/getting the FastPass. That said, we don’t ever split the party, because that’s just how we do.

It’s been months since I connected my tickets to my account, but I seem to recall you have to identify the person whose ticket it is at that time.

It’s been about 2 years, but when I added DW, I think she got an email that asked her to create an account, and give me permission to manage her stuff. And then, I don’t think she’s logged in since, because she leaves the planning to me.

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I think I’m going to do two seperate MDE accounts. I don’t really want to do the planning for my sister and her family…it stresses me to plan for others. I’ve talked to a couple of CMs and now that I know I can book all the FP’s at once, even with 2 MDE accounts, so long as they are linked, that is fine. We are staying off site and have no dining reservations, so nothing real complicated. It was more the fastpasses that I was wondering about.