One last look at our MK Plans anyone?

Hi Again (perhaps for my last time before we leave!)
I have tweaked again and again, and feel like this is about as good as I can get. We leave on Sunday with children ages 12, 6 and 4. I have tried to get wait times down, but it is at the expense of doing lots of walking. I think both days seem pretty decent (CL is posted as 9 on both days), but perhaps some of you see some room for improvement. I am hoping to get more FP after we see Belle on Tuesday - maybe for Jungle Cruise. On Friday we wait a long time for Ariel, but I am hesitant to put her after fireworks in case the kids really melt down - the attractions we have schedule then are repeats and can be skipped if necessary. Thanks a million! I haven’t even posted my plans for the other parks - for some reason I am not stressing over them like I am MK!


To look at your plans one must post them. I will check back tomorrow morning to see what I can suggest.

Oh my goodness - can’t believe I didn’t include the links. Sorry and thanks!!

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Yours plans are ambitious but very doable. Looks like you are going to have a great time :slight_smile:

looks good. my only suggestion- if it doesn’t throw a huge wrench in your plans is to try and squeeze in Peter Pan on the second day standy-by. the new queue is impressive if you love the story. Either way it looks like you will have a great time!!

Looks good to me!!

Have a safe journey and a magical time. I cannot wait to hear about your trip.

Many thanks! Just want to get there! I will report back when we return. This group has been remarkable!

I think those plans look awesome. you have pre-rd CP and CRT brkfst and BOG dinner - during a busy time of year! Great planning! and fpp’s for great choices!