One day, USF AND IOA, planning/ tips would be appreciated

We have only allocated one day for Universal, and unlike Disney it overwhelms me.
We are planning to go on Monday, May 7th, if possible we’d prefer not to buy Express passes.
As time allows we would like to see other attractions, BUT seeing/experiencing all of Harry Potter is the priority. There are 3 adults in our party and we aren’t really into the other roller coasters.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

We did a Harry-Potter focused day on Monday, February 5. I don’t know how the crowds will compare, but we did all of Harry Potter across both parks by 2:00 pm, getting there at usual opening (not early entry) and no EP. There are only 4 rides, if you include the train, and you might as well skip the Hippogriff ride since it is more kiddie coaster than anything exciting. Mostly it is about taking in the sights. Visually, it is stunning.

After that, it is a matter of what your preferences are for the remainder of the day. To me, the best rides are Kong, Rip Ride Rocket, The Mummy, MiB, The Simpson’s, and Despicable Me. If you don’t want to do coasters, drop Rip Ride Rocket and MAYBE the Mummy, although it is only half coaster.

Transformers, Shrek, etc, aren’t really worth doing unless you have time.

You could arrive, go straight to Kong, then go to WWOHP. Do Forbidden Journey, then take train to Diagon Alley to ride Gringott’s and do Ollivander’s. At that point, you can either hang out in Diagon Alley and do the sights there, or hit up some of the rides at Universal.

Take a look at the 1-day/2-park touring plans

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Thank you for the suggestions!