One day, two adults, zero coasters/thrill rides - help!

My friend and I, both late 30s, are doing a day at Universal during our Disney trip. I know the parks have some crazy thrill rides that I badly want to try, but I’m 6 months pregnant and she hates thrill rides, so that narrows it down a lot. Problem is, I haven’t been to Universal since I was a kid, so I’m not even sure what it narrows down to! Can anyone help with a quick and dirty list like “these will be fine, these will very quickly murder you”??

I know nothing about Universal FL parks or rides. It did occur to me that obtaining a beverage and then finding a place to sit near the exit of one of the major thrill rides might provide an interesting entertainment interlude.

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A lot of the “thrill rides” are more simulator than ride. But, things that you might still do (unless you get motion sickness in some cases)…

Touring WWoHP, including just walking the queue for Forbidden Journey and Gringott’s without necessarily riding either
Despicable Me
The Simpsons
Men in Black
Bourne Stuntacular show
Race Through New York with Jimmy Fallon
The Cat in the Hat

Besides what’s in the article these attractions are safe bets:

Despicable Me
Hogwarts Express -both ways
Men in Black
E.T. Adventure
Bourne Stuntacular (show)
Horror Make-Up Show

Poseidon’s Fury (if re-opened)

Here is a lit of rides URO says expectant mothers can safely enjoy.

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This is absolutely fantastic, thank you so much!