One day park hopper, which to make FPs

I will be coming down for a work conference. I’m debating which park to make FPs for on one of my full park days. I do have PH and my plan is to RD HS in the morning in hopes of scoring a BG. My other interests would be R&RC and maybe MMRR depending on how that plays out since I will only be there 3 weeks after schedule opening. Anything else I would be doing just to fill time until hopeful BG time.
I would really like to spend some time at AK later in the day. I have DAH scheduled for AK later in my week so my focus at AL would be things that are not available during after hours. Have seen Lion king in so long and definitely safari. So what do you think??

I would make those FPP at AK. I would do KS, FOTLK, and I would consider the Animation Experience which is getting a lot of positive feedback. Hard to plan them as you don’t know what your BG will be, but if you planned them for early evening you would probably be okay

Thank you! That’s exactly what I was thinking. AK always gets the shortest day when we have gone in the past and I really would like to spend some solo time there. The only real reason I’m going to HS is no one else in my family would ever RD so this is the time to try it while I make my own decisions with no one else influencing my plans.

That is so sad! AK is my very favorite. I would move in if they let me.