One Day - First Timers - Which Park First?

Hi! I’ll be visiting CA with two teenage sons in 2 weeks and we only have one day free to go to the parks. We’ve been to Orlando a few times (we’re from GA) but never Disneyland. I know we only will be able to see the highlights but I’ve always wanted to see the original park and I’m so excited!!! I’ve purchased a one day tickets with park hopper, but I don’t know which park to start with in the morning. The most important thing we need to do is the Star Wars stuff, so Rise of the Resistance is our priority, if that makes a difference.

Thanks so much for your advice!!!

Definitely do Disneyland first to maximize your boarding group chances! You can only do the 7am drop if you have a DL park reservation. Have you read up on the process?

Other than that, I think Disneyland first is a good idea in general because there are at least twice as many rides there as in DCA, so you’ll need more time to get through everything. With only one day, you’ll definitely need to make a list of “must-dos” because you’ll run out of time.


I agree with everything Jeff said. In addition, Disneyland is the first park. There is charm there that you won’t find at WDW. And some rides are better here than at WDW.

In addition, you will love the convenience of walking across the plaza to the other park.


Disneyland first! And last! But hop to DCA somewhere in between. With one day only, be sure to take advantage of single rider lines and I would genie+ if it’s available at that time.


Single rider lines are going to be a big help. In my experience they were faster than FP when both were available. That was for Radiator Springs Racers, Grizzly River Run, Matterhorn, and Space Mtn.

I think Indiana Jones and Splash Mtn also offered single rider, but I didn’t use it. Incredicoaster also had it, but there was basically no queue when I rode it early in the morning. When I checked back later in the day for a second ride the single rider line was extremely long, so I found something else to do. :slight_smile:

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Splash does have Single Rider - you go in through the exit. The bonus for Splash is that as single rider you are in the back of the log and tend not to get soaked.


Incredicoaster rarely works for single rider. Either the standby line is short and it’s not needed, or the single rider line is as long or possibly longer than standby.

We found Goofy’s Sky School to be similar - just wait standby or don’t bother with that one at all.

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I vote don’t bother. :laughing:

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We did it on our last trip just since neither of us had ever ridden it, but I agree it was not worth it at all. If it had a soundtrack or something different than a carnival ride, it would be ok. But the ride itself is pretty boring, TBH.

It’s a kid favorite, however. If you have kids in the under 10 range, this is good entry coaster. Just one step up from Gadget!

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