One day at magic kingdom...which day would you go?

I’ve only got one day to go to magic kingdom.
Should I go Tuesday September 26 (9am-7pm crowd level 3) Wednesday September 27th (9am-8pm crowd level 4) or Thursday September 28th (9am-6pm crowd level 2)?

Also, not staying on site. Think I’ll be able to get a fast pass for seven dwarves in the morning in late September?
Fast pass suggestions or any other tips? I’M staying at universal but taking a day to go check out magic kingdom with my girlfriend.

I’d always pick longer hours, especially when it’s still a relatively early closing.

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Agreed, go with the longest hours available. Don’t forget, crowd levels are nothing more than an estimate, so banking on them could leave you disappointed. If you create a plan, you should barely even notice the crowd levels unless there’s an extreme shift.

Also, I’m thinking those hours will change once we’re closer to September. Last year around that time the kingdom was often running to 11PM or later.

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Right now Disney only has hours up to September 9th posted, I’m just going on the projected hours that touringplans has. Just assumed they’d be accurate.

Hopefully they’ll update the hours, be nice if it was open later.

Anyone know if they still show the fireworks show at this time? Wondering if the Halloween party would interfere in the show at all.

I would expect at least one of those days would be a Halloween party day which would mean no fireworks at park close and both day guests and party guests in the park 4 pm - 7 pm. Until this year’s dates are released (based on last year early May) you won’t know for sure which day(s). Last year it was the Thursday of that week. If it was me I would tentatively plan a day and consider changing it if necessary when the party dates are announced.

The hours for Sept in TP are the actual current hours posted by WDW in their TA calendar

Tuesday Sept 26 is most likely going to be a MNSSHP night, so if you are willing to pay the extra $$$ for a party ticket and can handle a marathon MK day, I would go then.