Once Upon a Christmastime Parade Advice

My family and I are going to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas on November 17. We want to watch the 815 parade, because our youngest might not make it to the second parade. We would like to watch the parade from Main St. So I’m wondering when we should go to Main Street to claim a spot to watch the parade.

Even though it is early in the MVMCP season- you cannot count on smaller crowds. If you want a spot on Main St.- at least an hour ahead for a really good spot. People will already be camped out by then. If you aren’t as picky about being on the curb you will do OK with 30-45 minutes beforehand. Within a half hour, though, for the first parade- it will be tough going to get a decent spot. There aren’t a lot of people at the party, but most of them are doing the same things- so it seems way more crowded than it is- especially for the first parade and fireworks. I personally wouldn’t watch from Main St. again- although the first time you do one I think it is important to experience the ‘snow’ on Main Street, and that doesn’t fall in Frontierland or Liberty Square. We would be interested to hear about what you saw and experienced after you return to give others an idea on timing for parades, since a lot of posts I have read about MNSSHP said many of the dates were much busier this year.

Yeah I agree with @Happy we went early December a couple of years ago and we had to grab a spot as soon as the party started at 7 for the parade on Main street. I don’t remember what time the parade started back then but I am pretty sure it was over an hour. Seeing the snow come down on Main street is worth it though I love watching it fall.

Thanks, I was afraid of that. I don’t know that my kids will be able to sit for an hour. We might have to do another spot, but I’ll definitely report back after the party.