On the off chance anyone has already stayed at the Resort Studios

Do they have their own laundry facility like the studios at Poly? I really don’t want to have to schlep my laundry all the way to the villas building.

Also, I heard somewhere that there are “limited microwaves, upon request”… should I request that in advance?

I believe microwaves were added to every room (but not toasters). The report was it was a “supply issue” and they were added within days of opening.

Is it Big Pine?


This shows that there is a laundry room.

I don’t buy the “supply issue”. They said right off that there would be a beverage station not a kitchenette.
I think they listened to the overwhelming feedback and acted on it.


The complaint about the laundry is that there are just 2 washers and 2 dryers for the entire building which is almost entirely studios. So it’s insufficient for the demand. But it’s there.


Laundry view said nothing available when I looked.

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