On the app where to find line wait times

I want to see the tp wait times for rides today wven though i am not in the park. How can i do it? Also i am still struggling to use this site effectively. Is there a link on you tuve that shows what it can do.

In the app, you can click Parks to see the list of attractions and wait times. You can change parks using the spot on the top right.

You are doing great! If you have the app you can also use the bottom links to read and join in the app chat (touring plan users always willing to help), create plans, set up trips, and go to the crowd calendars. This forum allows you to search, post pictures, and get detailed responses. The website is generally the best place to create a touring plan (you can then edit on the app), research places to stay, review and request room views, and learn things you never knew you needed to know.

We are here to help! We are glad you are here!

I can’t find any of that! I don’t see anything purple. I just see “touring plans.com and can write a new topic, the genie thread.” I am logged in and I know in past I have been wait times, menus, etc. I only see the dashboard. It asks about WDW, DL, Universal, Disney Cruise Line, DC, etc. I have paid for the WDW service.

I trully appreciate your help. I am trying to plan a trip but I know I am missing most of this services.

TouringPlans.com is the website. To access the app you need to go to your phone’s or tablet’s App Store and download the app. If you have a Walt Disney subscription you should download

This is the Apple version

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You are currently in the Touring Plans Forum.

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I did eventually find it. I have to download the app each time, it seems like there is only 1 touring plan app? I still can’t figure it out. Ugh! Are there 2 apps?

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There is a wdw app, a Universal app, and a Disneyland app but you need a subscription for each to get full access to all the tools. Are you going to all three

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I was scammed! I downloaded the BG1 app and when I did the tamper monkey step, my hubby followed all the steps and I kept assuring him it was legit so I am in the doghouse! Luckily I used a credit card that doesn’t have autopay. I called my credit card and they tried charging 2.99 from CGVGHT and also 39.99 VHSNTHW Luckily both were declined and I had to cancel my card. Now I am stressed out and have to go through all my ressies.

I went to tampermonkey by Jan Bruik and then clicked onto start here. I am able to screen shot the page where I had an issue, but I can’t email it to the home address to post.

What BG1apo? What is tamper monkey?

See the convo in the advanced strategies thread.

It’s an extension in Firefox that allows you to cut out running the bookmarklet step.

There was a request to remove text that made links

Did I remove it as you all wanted? I can easily change or remove as needed. I just wanted to make sure it didn’t happen to anyone else. I am tech challenged but Disney motivated!