On site vs off

With all the changes WDW is making, what’s the benefits of staying on site in 2022? I’ve always stayed on-site for the magic express, magic hours, magic bands, and excited pass but it looks like all that is going away.

We discussed this when they first announced the addition of 30 minutes early entry for resort guests:

The Touring Plans crew has estimated that the extra 30 minutes in the morning could save you at least an hour in line for the same set of attractions vs someone staying offsite without this benefit.

If you’re not the type to rope drop, the only other benefit is internal transportation / skip TTC. Also walking distance if you stay at certain deluxe hotels. Lastly, there’s the magic of being in the Disney bubble.


DME was operated for Disney by Mears, and they will continue to do so after Disney ends it. Same buses and drivers, just will be a service to pay for, after 2021. Haven’t heard about luggage directly to the room though.

Magic bands will still be around a little longer for park entrance, hotel room key, and easy purchases to your room or attached credit card, virtual queue. Magic bands just won’t be free.

On site will still be the closest proximity with free Disney transportation.

On site is still attractive, for moderates, i just won’t be paying Disney prices for Deluxe any longer. Disney’s expense and cost cutting, is a two way street. I can cut my expenditures with Disney too.


Some discussion on the topic here: On-site: is it worth it?

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