On-site hotel delivery from Disney Springs?

We’ll be at AKL Kidani in less than a month. (Yay!) I know that I can have souvenirs purchased at the parks delivered to Kidani. If we buy stuff at Disney Springs, can we also have that delivered?

I ask because I am thinking about getting a personalized item for my aunt, who is a Disney fan, at Arrabas Bros. I am not sure if we would have to wait for the personalization or if we could just buy it and have it delivered.

Last time I was there the DS shops had the same delivery as the parks. One caveat is they will not ship any kind of food items (including things like spices, tea, etc.)


Yes, you definitely can. We do it each time with a Christmas ornament. You just cannot be checking out the NEXT day. Basically to give them time to get it to you.

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