On ride video

If one is not allowed to tale loose articles on the UOR rides, how come there are so many POV videos from them? Could I use my GoPro if I wore it’s harness?

It depends on the rides. Some of the like Hulk, RRR, VC, Hagrid’s are a no tolerance policy. (Basically, if they have a metal detector or intense speed you can’t take anything with/on you to record)

Other rides you can record if it is strapped to you, like your wrist.

Vloggers make special arrangements and can record videos in exceptional circumstances.


I can’t find any policy on the UOR website that says GoPro’s are prohibited but Google searches generally say no.
Sounds like who’s on the gate?
Very confusing.
Disney on the other hand says they are allowed fixed to your body (chest/wrist strap etc).

What I wrote in 2023 is still applicable…