On our way!

T minus 1 hour until I pick up DS at school to surprise him! First hiccup is our flight from ORH delayed 4 hours. Called and switched to PVD so we only miss 1 hour. Nephew on his way to ER for suspected appendicitis so our airport driver mom was pulled in favor of niece. Fingers crossed it’s not appendicitis and this is the last hiccup - this trip must be an improvement from our last one!


Safe travels! Did I hear there was a security breach at Worcester? Something about a truck on the tarmac?

I hope you have a great trip! PVD is a great change!

Yes, that’s our best guess as to why the delay. The security breach was actually yesterday, but they may still be evaluating the security systems.

A little bit of an extra ride, but I do like PVD!


Good luck - love your luggage! BTW - I live in the Worcester area but have always hesitated to book flights from there - seems like there is always an issue. I too love PVD.


Funny, I was just thinking about that airport yesterday. A lot of families from my work fly out of it.

One of my friends swears by it too. I think I have out of date memories of when their radar was subpar…

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I had a bad experience last October when my flight was changed last minute to Boston, delayed and then they lost our luggage. This is strike 2…

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I’m 45 minutes out of Worcester and I didn’t know there was an airport there! Have a great trip!

Good flight, had the same fabulous Minnie Van driver we had last time and got one of the hospitality suites at Beach Club - life is good!


Looks like a great room, have fun!

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