On our trip now

We’ve had a magical first evening at MK, but someone please tell me the crowd level when it’s posted. The wait times tonight were off the charts!

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What kind of wait times were you seeing? Was a predicted 7 for today…

Crowd calendars will likely be late tonight because Epcot has evening EMHs…

Glad you had a great time though!

People mover had a really long line, but I didn’t see a posted wait. The Buzz FP line was WAY past the queue for it at 6:45. I want to say Dumbo was about 40 minutes. We were only there 5-8 since it was our first night, so we didn’t have a lot on our list to do. Got OUAT and HEA in though which was great so we can do rides on our 2nd night instead!

Seems like the observed CL was 9 as opposed to a predicted 7, which explains your observation.

By the way, regarding the Buzz FP line, between christmas and nye (on a CL 10) it stretched past Laugh floor, it was about 15 minutes while the main queue was 90min at that time. So it does tend to get long.

Yes, it was past Laugh Floor last night too. Good to know that it moves a bit faster but I’m glad we got spots for OUAT instead. We have another buzz fastpass tomorrow.

Just FYI one of the reasons it ended up being a 9 was that Big Thunder and Space Mountain both were down for large portions of the day. This does affect crowd level measurements because it inflates the lines at other attractions - including the FP lines when anytime FastPasses are given out as a replacement. So hopefully your next MK day will be lighter.


Thanks Mike, really useful info.

Thanks so much for the info! That may have been why so many people were at Buzz. AK today has seemed much better but it’s also morning crowds VS evening so it’s not really a fair comparison.

Excited to share our trip report when we’re back. I’m taking lots of notes!


Hope you have a great holiday, looking forward to the trip report

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