On line check question

Our trip isn’t until November but I have a question about what time to show for our arrival time during on-line check in. Our flight will not be landing until 10:50pm. By the time we get our luggage, get to ME and 45 minute ride to POP, I am thinking our check in time will be sometime between 12:30-1am. I don’t remember the latest time available in the drop down, but should I actually show 12:30-1am or should I just leave that part blank? Any suggestions??? Does anyone know what they use that information for?

Thank you in advance :blush:

I think they use the info to have your room ready on time. I also usually get the room alert texted to me around that time (or maybe it gets triggered when they scan your MB for MDE?). I would put in 11:30pm. That way they know you are going to be checking in late- but you are coming.