On Line Check In Question

If you have done On Line Check In and will NOT be using DME…does it ask you specifically what time you expect to arrive?

I just checked in for my june 28 stay, and yes they asked me. I could choose anything after 3pm in increments of every 30 minutes I believe. This is for Boardwalk.

I just had two different CMs tell me that there is no way (nor was their ever) to indicate arrival time during On Line Check In. Basically, they both treated me like I was making it up.

We are arriving at two different times. My son and I late morning by car, and my daughter late that night and using DME. The system has us locked out of choosing a time because the DME arrival is superseding everything.

The CMs keep saying it isn’t an issue, all rooms are ready by 3pm, yada yada yada.

Maybe I will just leave it as is and let my TP Room Request explain it all.

…and the two “Room Request” options that appeared in my On Line Check In on Friday, have disappeared and if I try to edit it the pull downs have no options.


Call center CMs are often misinformed. That’s why you can call back multiple times and get multiple different answers to whatever question you’re asking. Liners are often more well-informed.

DME has nothing to do with telling them what time you’re arriving, unless that is a very very recent change. As in, within the last 2 weeks.

I mean, that’s also not true :wink: They are supposed to be but there are times when they are not.

I know.

When I told the second CM that I knew people who checked in On Line and were able to indicate arrival times, she basically said that there are a lot of people that think they know everything about WDW and they really don’t. This option doesn’t exist.

I need a banging my head against a wall emoji.

I just sent an email to my TA explaining what they said in detail and telling her to not do anything about it because I’m just going to rely on the TP Room Request Fax.

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Screenshot from Friday:

Screenshot today:

…and when I try to edit it, the pull down choices are empty.

Like someone else was saying with the inability to change their dining reservation, I think this speaks to the glitchiness of WDW IT.

I am betting if you check back later or even tomorrow it will be back to teh way you saw it before.

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“…does it ask you specifically what time you expect to arrive?

I’ve used it several times since 2015 and it has asked me every time. And I’ve always been able to choose a morning arrival hour.

Those IT guys they fired must not have trained their replacements very well.

So to top this all off. CM#2 tried to note my arrival time on my reservation and couldn’t because I used a TA. Told me that the TA could enter my arrival time. When I explained that my TA couldn’t access my On Line Check In, she repeated (in very small words) that my TA could call in and note anything on my reservation and gave me a super secret direct number for the TA to use.

I know my TA is a rock star and based on all the other crappy info, was sure this was useless but I gave my TA a full report of my experience and told her not to worry that I was just going to rely on the TP Room Request Fax. My TA asked for the number…it was the general booking number and wouldn’t have gotten her anywhere.

Part of me wants to try again (I have 26 more days to wait w/ nothing to do but pack), but the other part says to let it go (cue music).

Oh and did I mention the part where there must be a computer glitch and I should try again when there aren’t a lot of people on the system…like first thing in the morning. :rofl: