On DDP but plan to pay OOP for BOG Dinner. Can we use a snack credits for desert?

Hello all,

8 days and counting until my family’s first WDW trip! :star_struck:

Does anyone have experience paying out of pocket for dinner at BOG and then using DDP snack credits for desert? Is it possible?

We’re on DDP and have 7 TS credits. We’ve reserved 7 TS meals, including 2 signature, so we’re over by 2 meals/credits. I am sure we’ll be paying OOP for Rainforest Café because we already know how to order cheap there. It looks like BOG dinner might be our next best bet to pay OOP for because of the ala carte structure. We can order cheaper entrees and drink water. We do want to try some deserts there though. I noticed that the deserts are listed as DDP snack credit items. If we can order desert using snack credits, we can for sure do it cheaper than our next cheapest (fixed price) meal.

For reference, we’re doing all of the following TS meals:
CRT - Breakfast
California Grill - Sunday Brunch
Disney Jr. Play and Dine Breakfast
Biergarten - Lunch
BOG - Dinner
Garden Grill - Dinner
Biergarten - Lunch

Other thoughts and suggestions are welcome. Thanks!

Snack credits can only be used at Quick Service restaurants. SInce BOG is a Table Service restaurant for dinner, you won’t be able to use snack credits there.