On App, what does next FP mean exactly

I see on some attractions it says GONE and I thought I understood what that meant, i.e. don’t even bother trying to book one because they are all taken for the whole day. However, this last trip I saw times listed all day long after next FP for 7DMT even though it was not showing up on my app or at the kiosks as a possibility. Who exactly were these FPs available for? Thanks.

Do you mean in the Lines app? That’s a new functionality and it searches for FPP’s available for a party of 1. So it’s possible that it was available for 1 but not more than that.

Thank you so much! I searched for parties of 4 or 2 with no luck and that “next FP” seemed like such a tease. I’ll remember this for next trip.

They are working to add more features that will allow you to filter for groups of different size so hopefully that will be in place by then. And welcome to the forums! If you have any other questions just ask!