OMG this decision!

I was ALL SET for my pre-cruise trip in July. 100% all set! (Well, I didn’t have FP+ yet, but ADRs were set and I was happy!)

And then…

They announce Villains DAH at MK.

And one is on 7/18.

The night I have the Illuminations Dinner thing at Rose & Crown. Which is not available on 7/19 (the only possibility because there is too much pre-booked at AK to move that off my birthday). And which will likely be my last chance to see Illuminations (assuming that “late summer” doesn’t turn into sometime in early July (hey “late fall” became August 29…) and that it is gone before the end of September).

So now I have to decide. Keep things as they are and just miss out on the DAH thing? Or miss out on the guaranteed good view of Illuminations and good food and do DAH and do the find a spot around World Showcase Lagoon and wait for a while the next night???

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What have you read about the viewing at R&C? I have heard they were using a lower patio and there are bushes?

From what I have heard, there are bushes, but they are not obscuring the view. You’re allowed to stand if they are, but even vertically challenged people have not had an issue. The lower is where people always requested and camped anyway.

If it is windy and/or cold they have been using the upper section and you can stay there or move to the lower for the show.

If you are doing R&C just for the view, I would swap. There are so many places to watch Illuminations. It is nice to have the guarantee, but you can stake a spot out a little earlier and get to do both. If you love the food at R&C too, I’d probably keep it since it is the last summer for Illuminations viewing at R&C and you likely won’t be able to snag it for another night.


Looking at the timing of that day I am kind of leaning towards keeping it. My flight is at 6:45am at LGA, so I am probably going to be tired. Going until 1am might not be the best idea as that would put me up 24 hours at least by the time I get back to the resort.

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Knowing that is your travel day, I would keep your plan as is.

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