Ollivander's Registration Process?

I’ve read that with the current COVID-19 safety procedures that to get into the Ollivander’s wand selection show in Diagon Alley, you need to register now, but not how that works. Does anyone know how that process works? Do we just need to find a Universal staff member outside the shop? Thanks!

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Oh I’m following this
Good question

As of this week they are only admitting one party per room. I haven’t seen or heard of a reservations process. However, this is making the wait times insane since they are doing the show for individuals / small families instead of filled rooms of 30+

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Ugh. I knew Diagon Alley gets crowded and planned to do it early but shopping isn’t really my idea of a RD attraction. My daughter is interested but this isn’t at the top of her list so we may save it for a future trip.

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The good side of this is you know you / your child will be “chosen” to be in the show. If that helps!

This is helpful. Thank you!

Last I heard you reserve a spot/time. So I’d rope drop to get a return time.