Ollivander's -- Being Part of the Show

Taking my Hermione-loving DD, who will be nearly 6 as of the trip (we’re actually celebrating her birthday while we’re down there), to Universal so she can check out all of the Harry Potter stuff. Is there anything that can be done to make the chances of her being picked to demonstrate a wand more likely? We’d be willing to wait through a show or two if it would guarantee that she’d be chosen – not sure if that’s an option, but thought I’d throw it out there just in case.

Thanks for any intel…

Nothing official, but I have heard that kids who are wearing HP stuff (robes, house scarves, etc) are more likely to be picked.

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Wear Potter garb, stand in the front, and make eye contact with the wand keeper!

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We went with a large group over the summer, (3 kids and 6 adults). It was one kid’s birthday and she really wanted to be picked. The kids were standing up front, with the adults behind, who all made eye contact with the wand keeper and pointed at her with smiles on our faces. Sure enough, she was chosen!

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See the show first or last thing during park hours. If you have early entry to the Wizarding world, take advantage of that. And then I echo what Seth said.

To increase the odds, she should also wear the Universal Orlando Birthday button. “To get the button, simply visit Guest Services inside of either park and let them know you are celebrating your special day.”


Update: she wasn’t part of the show per se, but I think the button definitely helped. After the show, the guy stopped her and asked her a few questions and then did a little wand selection thing with her when it was just our family in there. Not the full blown show, but the light shined down on her and the wind rushed around when when she tried out her wand. She was agog, and we loved that this guy took the time to do something special for her. Maybe better than if she had been chosen to be in the show, actually.