Ollivander's availability EPA?

We have a trip planned for mid-June, staying at RPR. Ollivander’s wand ceremony is a big priority for us since we have two girls, ages 8 & 6.

Both parks will be open for Early Park Admission the week we are there.

I do not see Ollivander’s in Diagon Alley/US listed as available for EPA on the Universal Orlando website, but it is listed for Hogsmede/IoA for ‘available attractions’.

I’ve seen so many vlogs where guests went to Diagon Alley and went into Ollivander’s during EPA. Is it maybe just the shop that was open and not the wand experience? We’d rather do Diagon Alley’s Ollivander’s experience since the shop is bigger than the one in Hogsmede, but ultimately we just want to be able to do it during EPA to avoid crowds.

Can anyone clarify this for me? Do I just need to go with what the website lists and stop overthinking it?

The Olivander’s show will only be operating at the park it is listed in during Early Park Admission.

You can shop / buy wands at the Olivander’s where the land is open, but that shop will not host show until regular park hours.

However, the shows rarely, if ever, start on time. They wait until there’s a full room or about 15+ minutes if the queue still isn’t enough for a “full” show. (That’s if they’re ready, as performers may be late & etc…)

IMHO - Olivander’s isn’t the best use of EPA. I do recommend it for right after park opening when the spell locations start to get queues.


We went there and had to wait about 30". They have the show about every 30" because after all it is a great sales pitch. What kid If selected for demo is not going to want the wand, and as a parent, good luck getting out without buying a wand.


OK I’m guessing you mean minutes.
I know if we’re measuring angles, that’s a ’ instead of a "… or Ollivanders’ is really cranking it up!!

" equals minutes ’ equals hours. :laughing:

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I concur. EPA in IOA is generally much better spent on Hagrid’s (if you get there very early) or Velocicoaster. I wouldn’t overthink the Ollivander’s, it generally doesn’t get very long waits. More capacity in Diagon Alley than Hogsmeade so just catch it before/after Gringott’s.