Older magic bands

This will be our 3rd trip (but 1st time not on at WDW property–so no magic bands).

We have our older sets (Oct '17, Dec '18), (still listed as active), and from what I’ve read, we don’t need to do anything to activate BUT they might not work b/c of the battery.

We plan to hit HS on arrival day (with FP+ scheduled); would we not be able to board?

Also, I’ve seen some references to in-ride video, and not being able to access it. If our magic band batteries are low, would these be “lost” forever (we have memory maker)? I guess, I’m kind of asking if there are certain features that we may not realize aren’t “working” b/c of the older bands.

Batteries are only used to power the Bluetooth beacon inside them, which is used for on ride photo detection with Memory Maker, etc

But the bands will still work for NFC use cases like tapstyles and room key. Batteries are not used in those cases.

thanks, would the MM photos be lost/unable to be retrieved if the batteries were low? Is there anyway to know before/at the park what the battery status is.

the batteries are used to identify you remotely at picture points like ride photos or what BOG table area you are at. They do not store your photos. All that being said - I would just get a new band(s).

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At the end of Small World there are “goodbye” screens that show your name using your Magic Band.
The Star Tours queue has a similar screen. And the posters in the queue for RnRc.
Things like that will not work if the battery is dead.
I used a 2017 band in January 2020 and noticed those were not working for me in addition to in-ride photos.

The fate of my previously mentioned dead magic band…


I was curious!

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Things like this really annoy me - something with an obviously replaceable battery that you have to destroy in order to access the battery. Our disposable society in action…


At least the band part can be reused for mixing with other pucks. But yes, there is no way to get the puck piece open without destroying it. And even with it open now, that battery seems to be glued in somehow. It doesn’t come off.

It would be great if a rechargeable one is offered sometime in the future. Though I’m sure there would be an up charge for this. :smirk:

Many reasons for this, though. The fact is, other than the battery itself, the cost to manufacture this puck is probably, I’m guessing on the order of under a buck…probably even less than $.50.

But to manufacture the same thing so that the thing can be opened, but remain completely waterproof, would elevate the cost dramatically. They effectively want the cost of these things to be minimal since they will be given away free for most guests.

Then, of course, there is the fact that Disney also wants to be able to make money…so being cheaper to manufacture, plus having them wear out means a constant inflow of almost pure profit.

As such, I don’t blame Disney. Because what if you replaced the battery yourself and then fail to secure it, and next time you swim with it on or something it ends up short-circuiting? Disney will have to replace it at their expense (most likely), even though it really was the fault of the wearer…but it isn’t good business to blame the wearer.

Plus, when Magicband 3 is introduced they don’t have to worry about people clinging to the old technology and holding back the the next leap forward. Obsolescence is built in. How many people are still showing up to the parks with a first generation Magicband?

I’d like to because they fit me better and were more comfy. But I don’t.

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