Old Universal Studios Florida Photos

Found some old photos my MIL had. Interesting to see things from the 90’s. (DW is the shorter girl on some of the photos)

If you have any old USF pics, please share!

This is the original globe. When the current one replaced it, this one went to Universal Studios Hollywood.

This was the Wild Wild Wild (seriously) West Stunt Show. It was in the current World Expo area.

The Bates Motel Set was in the KidZone area. It was built for the filming of Psycho IV: The Beginning, then later used to house the haunted house for The Psycho Path Maze for several years during HHN. Later, Barney replaced this. :man_facepalming:

The BTTF train used to have the rear carriage attached. Back then the train used to move slowly back and forth on the tracks.

Well this is still here.

And also this.

The original Hard Rock Café at USF was the first one to be built in Florida. And it was the first HRC to be built from the ground up. (The previous 12 were retrofitted into existing buildings). It actually opened 2 months before the park because of park technical delays.

It was built on a giant guitar-shaped platform and the neck served as a walkway/entrance. HRC straddled the border between USF and the main parking lot. It was torn down after the new one was built in CityWalk.

(Internet photos below)


These are awesome!!
I’ll have some somewhere from 1991. Definitely with the train and bates motel. I don’t think they’ll be as good quality as yours though.
I’ll dig them out…

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Holding the photos, the quality looks bad. But the scanner settings really improved them.


I’ve got pics but the quality is terrible. I’ll have to try and find them. We were there in 1992 and 2000.


This is the Universal Studios and Hard Rock I remember from my youth! I also remember the Alfred Hitchcock 3 D theatre & getting my picture by the large animatronic jaws (before the ride existed), I think in 1990/91?

I need to get pics from my mom when I visit next. She has all of them in those old-school sticky paged photo albums.


From Jan 1993:


Flintstones photo-op car

Bullwinkle Moose

Cafe La Bamba


Oh I definitely have pic of that too!! :heart_eyes:


I’ll try to find photos! I went to that Hard Rock when it was still on the guitar platform.

ETA: It was on my college spring break in 1991. We also went to Epcot (only!) it was the only park my friends wanted to go to…


Love this thread!

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These photos are cool to see.

I never went to Universal Studios in Florida until much more recently (well after IOA was built, etc). But, I did go to Universal Studios Hollywood back in the 80s. I doubt there exists any photographic evidence of this…but I remember the highlights of getting to “meet” K.I.T.T., and also “lifting” the A-Team’s van with my own bare hands! :slight_smile:


Did you do the Battlestar Galactica ride?

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I don’t recall it being a ride, but part of the tram tour. The tram took you into a ship, and you got to watch a laser battle ensue. The same tram also took you to the “river” that floods, and the dock overlooking Jaws, etc.


Some of these look very much like some already shared :laughing:
Universal in July 1991…
The Globe…

Woody Woodpecker…

Fred Flintstone with some streets of Hollywood in the background…

Bates Motel…

WC Fields outside the horror make up show…

Animal stars…

Some kind of stunt show on the lagoon…

Doc’s train…

42nd Street…

Extremely off center yellow taxicab :woman_shrugging:t4::rofl:


Flintstones car…


You haven’t changed a bit!!


Oh I misread that!! :rofl::rofl:


I knew you had :joy:


The picture quality is great!

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They’re actually a lot better than I was remembering them :+1:t2:


Photos like these are why I wish i had left the Disney bubble sooner!!! Thanks for sharing!!


I’m about 90% sure I have a photo with Bullwinkle. There are a few gaps in my album and I’m not sure where the missing photos went.
I’ll need to tidy up my photo stash and see if I can find it.

I spy yogi bear and boo boo in that photo. 10yo me would’ve LOVED to have met them!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: