Old tickets with no expiration and left over "fun"?

I just pulled out 11 old tickets from our safe for my DH, three oldest and myself. I’m guessing each of them has had the full number of park days used up, but have any number of “fun” (water park, Disney Quest, and mini-golf) days left.

Do I still need to go to Guest Services to see what is still available?

Could they still be used?

Fun fact - in 2011 a 7 day park hopper plus was $316.01 for 10+

I converted a few tickets some time ago. some had a code on them i was able to use, others i had to do with guest relations. i keep two days from these old tickets on my account for backup. https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/faq/tickets/converting-old-tickets/

I thought I could just load them myself, but I can’t find the corresponding codes. It will be easier to stop by a guest service counter than to do all those steps. :stuck_out_tongue: I have a lot of tickets. Thank you.

My understanding from reading the link above is that the tickets would have to be bought prior to 2004 for the no expiration rule to apply. I’d be interested to find out if you could still get the “fun” extras because every trip we have went on we have never fully utilized those extras. I assumed that they expired with the tickets which is 14 days after the first use.

This was my first thought, once the tickets were used the extras would expire.


Il let you know what I find out.
After looking at them carefully it looks like
Some of the original tickets were purchased in 2003 and 2005 as 10 PHP and were reissued after kids aged up - hence the date 2011.
I’m so curious.

So you think th at once the park days are gone the extras would become expired?

Best case scenario is they still would work, but I would have to buy some for my two youngest girls. The cost is so high I’m not even sure I would bother!

I think after 2004 you could still choose no expiration, it just wasn’t automatic… Is that not true?

Really? I thought the Water Park Plus portion expired with the park tickets. We bought 10 park days with Water Park Plus in 2012. I still have the plastic tickets in our scrapbook. Please let us know if you are able to convert those unused credits to something fun for the future. I don’t think we will have time to use the extras in December.

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Yes it did say in the link that you could still get “no expiration tickets” after 2014 :slightly_smiling_face:

We always purchased nonexpiry tix til 2016 when they jacked it way up. We used to buy the max ticket ans après over 3 trips. We often would go to FL for a week but only do two or three park days.
it may very well be that once the park days were used up all the extras were void.

Just took the time to visit the ticket center at DS.

We have 41 unused water park days.

She ran ticket after ticket into the system and put them on new cards. We were both cracking up as we uncovered more and more and more.

Fun fact - haven’t been to a water park since 2007… I could make a whole trip of them. LOL

ETA none are assigned to a name.


Hey kids, I have good news and bad news. The good news is We’re Going to Disney World for 6 weeks! The bad news is that your only options each day are Typhoon Lagoon or Blizzard Beach.


Are you going to use some days while you are there? What a fun surprise!

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:scream: That’s crazy!

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I’m bothered by this.

How do you work with a prime number of water park days?


They are on 9 cards, too. It’s bizarre.
They are in my checked bags and I’m at the gate. I had planned to look them over and see how many days on each card. Some have two and some have 6 and other numbers in between. I have no idea how we may end up using them…

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I am at the airport to head home.
It was too cold this week too.
I’m sure we will drive down for a cruise someday(?) So maybe we can visit a water park before and another after?


Just curious as to their response on this? I have unused water park and mini golf days on old tickets that weren’t used over the last 8 years as well, but assumed they were null and void if the “park” days were used (PHP tickets).

Did they give you a hard time?
Do the new tickets expire?
Did they also load the “magical extras” that weren’t used as well; i.e. Mini Golf?
Did you have any partial used days; i.e. you had 10 day PHP and used only 2 Water Park days and had 8 remaining, where they loaded those unused 8 days as well or no?


IIRC the woman who rang me up was cracking up with me. She had no problem though I did have to wait a while for my turn at guest services at Disney springs.

They do not expire.

We haven’t been back to use them.

I am not sure I understand your last question. I’ll try to understand if you can explain it just a little differently because my brain must not be tracking with yours. :upside_down_face: