Old magic band

Hi. Will my magic band from 2019 still work? Anyway I can test at home? Thanks

It will work for everything except the on-ride photos.

One thing to do, log on to MDE and look under “My magic bands”. All your bands, key to the world cards etc will be listed. If it says Active next to your band then you’re all set. If not, there should be a button to Re-activate it.


There are a few ride photos that still have tap access for old MagicBands- Expedition Everest, Test Track, Tower of Terror, etc.


Thank you!

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Also for rides like 7DMT and HM where there isn’t a place to scan for your picture you can always stop at the photopass location in the park and have them find your pic if you provide a little detail on when your rode the ride.


I also have an old magic band from 2019 that is showing as active in MDE. I know it will work for tapping, but I am planning to purchase PhotoPass for our upcoming summer trip so I would like to have something to capture ride photos. If I buy myself a new MB, theoretically any ride I do with my family, my band will capture the photo. Is that a sensible plan rather than splurging on new MBs for everyone?

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FYI, Ride photos are included with G+ now. Photopass is just for the photographers and meet and greets. I would probably get one new magicband+ so that you sync with the wireless photos if that’s very important. Honestly I didn’t get many to sync last trip but you may have better luck.

I think photopass is ideal for large groups and for families with small kids now.

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For ride photos you can just tap at the exit on your pic.