Old Key West Stay


We are staying at Old Key West for 16 nights and was wondering how long on Disney a Transport (Bus) mostly it takes to get to Disney Parks from here? Also we have booked resturants for our evenings also at Disney Parks and at Disney Springs how much time do you need to give yourself to get to a reservation.?

For example if we are in Magic Kingdom all day and we have dinner booked For 730 at Epcot when should we leave to get there in time.

Never stayed on property before.

You can try this website. It will give you approximate transportation times - just input starting and ending locations. http://www.ourlaughingplace.com/aspx/twiz.aspx#.WNe5JpArLrc

Sometimes you have incredible bus luck and sometimes you wait for 20 minutes for a bus to arrive

Thank you :+1: That’s great will look into