Old Key West 5 People (3 kids + 2 Adults)

Would 3 kids and 2 adults fit in an Old Key West Studio? Is that allowed? 3 girls ages 11, 8, & 4.

A studio at OKW is for 4. There are some studios they will allow extra but I don’t know if this is one of them.

" Disney’s Old Key West Resort’s Rooms Old Key West Studios: Studios sleep up to four people and include two queen-size beds. The total Studio room size is 376 square feet."

I know it says sleeps up to 4, but my kids are small and all sleep in the same bed, so I didn’t know if we could try it or if it was strictly prohibited.

the problem with that is the youngest is 4 (under 3 is different scenario)- so you wont have one of the children listed in that room. could be an issue depending on your plans.

Technically, it’s against fire code. But if you do it anyway, one of the kids will not be listed on the reservation, tickets will need to be purchased separately, and the person not listed should not be allowed on DME or into EMH. If those limits aren’t issues, then it’s ultimately up to you.

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Gotcha! Thanks-staying within budget is important so that leaves us with BoardWalk or Beach Club studio. Anyone have experience with these? Are the pullout beds comfortable?

I think that the pull-down beds would be perfect for a 4 year old.

Are you trying to rent DVC points? If your budget is that tight, just be aware that there are not a lot of Standard Rooms at BW or BC so depending on the time of year you may not be able to get one of those. I would most likely try to budget for a view.

Yes that’s the hope! But it’s not for until 2021 :slight_smile: I have time, but I’m a preparer and LOVE to plan so just trying to see what options I have!

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Weird. You’ll have a really hard time fitting in here, then.


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We have stayed in the studios at both Boardwalk and Beach Club and really enjoy that layout (3 sleeping surfaces). The pulldown beds are comfortable, my DS slept on them at both places and had no complaints. He is a teenager and 5 foot 10. They are much longer than the pulldown beds at the moderates, so easily sleep teens and adults. These pics are from the Boardwalk this year.

We preferred Beach as a whole, but Boardwalk is also nice. The hallways are really long at Boardwalk and the parking lot seemed far (we drive to the parks). Good luck!

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You can also sleep 5 in studios at the Poly, GF and Boulder Ridge (the original villas @ WL).

And if you are found to be exceeding the room capacity you will be asked to pay for a larger room (if available) or move out.