Old Disney Photos

Hello everyone! My first post here. I have been lurking for a while now as I plan my families first trip to Disney since 2005 which is coming up in June. Really appreciate all the great info and advice here.

I came across some pictures from my first Disney experience in 1973 (I think), and I thought it might be fun to share. One of my earliest memories in life (3 yrs. old) is of playing hide and seek with Bashful around the steps of Cinderella Castle.

If you have pictures or memories of your fist experience, I would love to see them.


These are great!

My first time was in 2004 as the mother of three children.

This is my son and youngest daughter. The youngest daughter will be turning 17 in December.

Blast from the past.


This was my kids & I first visit to WDW in 2016, my husband had gone twice before!


March 2000 with our big boys, both now taller than their Mother and all grown up! Going back again 18 years later with our baby boy DS16 :heartpulse:


My first trip in 1982 , we went for the opening of Epcot, but these are from MK, all my photos from that trip faded horribly. These are scans

!Anyone know where these are from, I am thinking it was the Empress Lily.


My son and nephew, that were both 2, now 36 years later we are going again!

I have more bad quality pics if anyone is interested. Anyone know how to fix these pictures, I am so sad they are ruined.


There is an app called Photomyne, you take a picture (with your phone) and then you can enhance the lighting and quality. I have used it quite a bit and it works pretty well

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Nice to see an old picture of Dumbo. My earliest memory of Disney World was around 1982 or 1983, I was waiting in line for Dumbo and back then the bars on fence around the ride were set pretty wide and I got my head stuck between them! My mom’s description of the story was that she heard screaming and turned to my dad and said “Who’s kid is screaming?”. He looked down and said “Ours.”

But now I have a story to tell. Can’t remember riding Dumbo, but I remember getting stuck.