I’m sure someone has already done the research on the pros and cons of buying SSR vs OKW at direct prices. Can someone link to that information, or give me the cliff notes version?

Also, if you buy direct OKW, do you automatically get the extended contract date?


If you buy direct at OKW you automatically get the extended contract.

You will get three more years at OKW but SSR has lower dues (for now).

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Thanks for this. Going to look at MF right now!

We own at SSR that we bought resale in 2017. We went through the OKW vs. SSR debate and I think a lot of it mostly boils down to preference. For resale, I was looking for an extended OKW contract which were harder to come by. We also just preferred the theme at Saratoga Springs for a few reasons that I can’t really quantify.

We did a multi-generational trip last fall at SSR with my parents and sister and it just affirmed our love for SSR. We used three different feature pools which my kids loved. And the ability to walk to Disney Springs was fantastic! My dad or husband was able to dash over to get some great QS for dinner and me and DH had two (!) date nights and just mosey on home. We are planning another fall trip and are most likely going to stay at OKW for the larger, redone 1-bedrooms. We can still take the boat to DS. So I don’t really think you can go wrong!!


SSR is more economical hands down. OKW used to be slightly lower than SSR direct; however, after the most recent price increase they are both $165/point.
SSR dues is $6.77/point vs $7.84/point at OKW.
OKW dues has a compound annual growth rate since inception of 4.1%. SSR is 3.6%
Both saw large increases in dues from 2018 to 2019 (as did many DVC resorts). From 2019 to 2020 OKW increased by 8.4% while SSR went up ‘only’ 5.6%.
They are both large DVC-only resorts with condo units and large grounds. Other than age (OKW opened in 1992; SSR in 2004), I’m not sure why OKW has a much higher maintenance fee. SSR has always had one of the lower MFs of the WDW resorts. For 2020, OKW has the 2nd highest MF at WDW (after Riviera which started out as the highest).

OKW has studios with 2 queen beds. It is the only DVC studio at WDW to have 2 regular beds.

Home Resort priority isn’t particularly strong at either. The units near Hospitality House at OKW sometimes fill up prior to the 7 month mark. Other than that, availability is typically a non-issue.

Here is an interesting discussion of OKW vs SSR only looking at staying at one of the resorts (not owning there).

Didn’t OKW dues increase after the recent refurbishment? I am struggling comparing dues between resorts post/pre refurbishment? I have read that you can expect a SSR increase after the refurbishment is complete.

I personally find value in both for anyone that likes to stretch their points.

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I wonder about dues post refurbishment too…I don’t know how that has worked historically. Does DVC collect a fund of dues as they go to finance the refurbs, or do they increase dues after the fact to pay for it? After looking at the two resorts a bit, I think the balance tips in SSR favor, both for affordability and because the renovated studios can sleep 5. That’s a big deal right now because my teens won’t share a bed anymore.

I don’t think the renovated studios sleep 5? Where does it say that?

I have heard this elsewhere, and I think our DVC guide told us the same thing last weekend. I’ll see if I can find a source.

I believe that the one bedrooms might allow 5 after the refurbishment but the rumored chair bed is not in the new rooms?


It appears I was mistaken @PrincipleTinker. I just watched a video walk though of a newly renovated studio at SSR and it has the new pull down Murphy queen sized bed, but no third sleeping surface. The renovated rooms do look very nice!

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Yes, the 1-beds will have the twin size Murphy bed after the refurb, so can sleep 5.

The studios only sleep 4.

Which is entirely logical, if not what some might have wanted to hear. It makes SSR much more attractive to us now.


I mean “economical” strictly from an ownership point of view. Both are (mostly) easy to book at the 7 months mark. If you have very strong interest in one, buy there. There are times during the year when you may not be able to book anything other than your Home Resort so make sure you would be happy staying at your Home Resort.

Yes SSR is still one of the most economical resorts resale:


When you look at those numbers you see the difference is the selling price (direct the same) and dues. I am just cautioning not to make a decision based solely on dues, for less years, when those dues could significantly increase when the refurbishment is complete.

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Are the SSR refurbs completed? I can’t find info anywhere and when I just talked to DVC about another reservation they weren’t sure. What rooms were redone? All of them or just a section? I saw previously that it was supposed to be a 2 year process but the cast member didn’t have any information about anything ongoing there.

Reports are that they are doing the preferred sections first. I believe Congress Park was reported as complete?

Congress Park is complete. Work has started on The Springs, the other preferred category villas.

That’s what I saw with updates from last year, wasn’t sure if there was any new plans since then. Thanks.

If they continue at the same rate as Congress Park, I think it will take another four months at least to finish The Springs.

And there are more Standard buildings than Preferred. I would think 2 years is about right, unless things speed up considerably.,

For those of you who have been around DVC for a long time, do resorts typically increase MF before or after a refurb? In other words, is it likely that SSR will see an increase due to this refurb?