OKW questions

I’m renting DVC for the first time and have questions that I can’t easily find answers to…

  1. What building areas would be optimal for quickest transportation out of the resort to parks? I am assuming close to Hospitality House, but can’t gauge by the map if there might be others.

  2. Are the buildings close to the Hospitality House considered preferred instead of standard? I noticed the points per night for studio are the same

  3. Are things like shampoo and conditioner replenished for no charge? I’m a minimalist packer and I know the cleaning rules are different for DVC.

If there are any tips you can give about staying here, I’d love to hear them!

We stayed in CBR last trip and absolutely hated where our room was located, being the last stop always and how slow the internal buses run there – I did do room request but ended up no where near it. We walked most of the time to Old Port but when you are waking up extremely early then run those races, walking halfway across a huge property for a meal isn’t always fun. I noticed at CBR there were more park buses passing through than internal buses. I could never get why the internal was so slow.

Stayed in Aug 2016. We chose it because it was the cheaper DVC with twin beds in a studio for our 10 &15 year olds.
Food was poor but loved the environment - I’ve done a full review on Trip Advisor here: https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/ShowUserReviews-g34515-d143436-r412095653-Disney_s_Old_Key_West_Resort-Orlando_Florida.html#CHECK_RATES_CONT
Your points.
1: OKW is big with about 5 stops! So you have a trade off early stop (guaranteed place on bus on busy days) but about 10 minutes before you leave the resort! If you’re going during busy times or plan to use EMH stay close to stop 1 or 2. Peninsular Road or South Point (i think).
2: Nope standard. Buildings 62+ have lifts I think. Avoid ones by the car park and the ones that back onto the main road.
3: If you’ve rented via another member, nope not for DVCs. No maid service either. If you’ve booked via an agent or Disney you get both.
We stayed in a studio - the largest ones they do as OKW was their first DVC resort.

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