OKW Near Hospitality House

I am staying at OKW for the first time and have a studio near the hospitality house. My understanding is that this category of room is in buildings 11-14 and buildings 23-26.

I am torn about whether to bother putting in a room request, as the most important thing was getting this booking category (we don’t have a car). It looks like many of the studios don’t have great views as they are kind of on the ends and don’t really face any water.

My question - bldgs 23-26 look to have an advantage that they put you in short walking distance to both the first bus stop (at Peninsular Rd) and the last stop (at the Hospitality House). Is this correct? Is there an advantage to 11-14 (view, much closer to amenities, anything really) that would outweigh the bus stop convenience?

Or if it is a toss up, I could just roll the dice. Would love to hear people’s thoughts. I am not at the micromanaging part of my trip planning :joy:


I would pick the ones (23-26) that are between HH and the first bus stop. Stayed there once back in 2020, but it was an equally short walk to get that first bus and to HH for pool, food service (such as it is), etc. Worked great for us! I’ve determined that I really only want to stay at OKW if I can be near HH. Love the main pool! Love Olivia’s! Did not love being back in the acres.


The OKW points chart on weekdays in June is just dirt cheap. Between AKL value and OKW, I am feeling like the points queen for this visit, and was so excited when the HHS waitlist came through (for the reasons you say). I am excited to just take the boat to DS too!

How are those rooms for view and noise? That doesn’t really make much of a difference to me, but I was curious. Thank you!


We had a view of the golf course I think. It wasn’t much but it also wasn’t a parking lot. :woman_shrugging:t2: I don’t really notice noise very often. I have the ability to mostly tune out noises that bother others so … I don’t recall it being noisy?


Who am I kidding - I don’t notice noise either. But I am excited for the OKW huge patio. It really looks like the studios get the worst views, so I’ll take a golf course!



My brother has misophonia - bad! I’m glad to be mostly oblivious to annoying noises.


For us, since we go for 1-beds (or 2-beds) we’d be the opposite. We wouldn’t want the near HH category because of t to be bathroom access.

We loved Turtle Pond, it was maybe a 10 minute walk to HH. We looked over the golf course which had a large pond with a fountain in it. And even though the road was behind the trees we never heard noise.

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Better pray for rain. They aren’t running right now because the water level is too low

Only in that category I think.

The only area I haven’t liked is South Point. I wasn’t sure I’d like Millers Road but I loved it!

Our request is a view of a tee box or a pin for golfer entertainment

I can’t bring myself to pray for rain because of how notoriously rainy June is in Florida. I feel like I would only jinx myself :laughing:

But I’ve been tracking that.

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