Both direct point sales just went up to $200 per point today. Was anyone aware this was happening?

I am a non direct member and was looking to add direct points but now the price increase has me rethinking it

I’ve been Chapeked!!!

I saw this rumored a couple of days back and reinforced yesterday.

I was lucky to buy in at $165/point at the very end of June. I thought they were trying to squeeze out resale - after all the only reason we bought direct was that the per-point price for an extended contract was not too far off the mark of what a resale contract like it would go (loaded, to compare apples to apples). And that “strategy” worked on us. But now with this I think they are only going to drive up the sales of resale for these resorts - and with it the price. Which for me as an owner of both direct and resale is very good news.

The thought is they are trying to dissuade people from purchasing the other resorts and drive them toward buying the new resorts instead.


We have an OKW resale ($108/point purchase) that we bought last year and have been hemming and hawing about how we would like to add when we decide to add points. I was very surprised that we didn’t get at least an email from our DVC person (we got one this past trip for future sales).
It’s looking more and more unattainable for us to buy direct, considering the prices now, and our future life of (eventually college, retirement etc)
I see the idea of wanting to steer towards riveria, poly, gf etc which honestly WOULD steer me towards those resorts, considering the expiration dates for them- my coworker just added 150 of the new GF points that just went on sale and the price point was now comparable. But I love OKW though!!

The dream of being a blue card member is slowly burning out for us.

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It is pretty clear that the rising price of DVC, plus the 150 pt minimum direct, that Disney wants to appeal not to those who can just manage to afford it, but for those who have money to burn, so to speak. They will be more likely to come and spend lots of money each trip.

I also think by raising the direct price so much, Disney is hoping to drive up the price of resale for similar reasons. Any low bids, relative to buying direct, will trigger ROFR.

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Clearly I will never have money to burn, at least not the amount Disney is asking for!!

Did AKL go to $200 too?

I didn’t hear any rumblings about AKL I don’t think.

Yes- just checked - AKL included. I never paid attention to AKL prices so I missed that one!

It is so weird because wasn’t AKL $6 more than the other two?

I’m so glad we bought in when we did!

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