Ok, I get it a bit more

I have previously posted regarding why people travel to Disney and pay so much regularly, but I think I get it a bit better.
I took my nieces to a small local theme park(not even at a six flags level, they have something like 20 rides).My nieces had a great time, but I couldn’t help but notice that the mostly high school student staff were disinterested, no one enforced queuing(there weren’t much in the way of lines so not a super bad problem), some employees were down right rude, the park was dirty, there was no toilet paper or napkins at various points, and I am not entirely sure about safety standards.
I want to be clear that no one got hurt, my nieces were super happy, and plenty of the staff were friendly, but overall it was just sort of lacking.
It kind of just clicked for me that I get why people would focus on Disney. Yes, there are certainly CMs that may not be amazing, and you can have a bad day, but, overall, the ambiance, attention to detail, and high safety standards are tops.
I had never really thought about safety standards as I am an adult, but having two small children in my charge made me get really nervous over the lack of height measurement(I had measured them ahead of time so I knew how tall they were), loading standards etc.
The staff seemed bemused, confused, or annoyed when my nieces asked them questions about the rides, thanked them, and told them they “had the best jobs in the world.” I know in Disney these all would have been met(mostly) with patience and reciprocation. At one point at this park, a man just squawked at us because he didn’t think we were loading fast enough.
Overall, I just “get” a little bit more about why someone would focus on Disney, and I may save up to try to take my nieces at some point(it’s a big financial commitment, but I am more worried about my energy levels dealing with two small children)! However, they did say that waiting in a 6 minute line was “too long” and “took forever” so I can’t imagine that Disney would go well from that perspective!


This is what I tell people all the time about why I go as often as I can. For me, it’s not about the rides and attractions. It’s about the superior service and every employee is empowered to make you happy / “fix” any issue. I have no worries and when something unexpected does happen, it gets resolved to my satisfaction with no stress.

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But I hope Disney security continues to study and take corrective action to curb safety issues like people outright brawling in the parks. The violent incident in DL Mickey’s ToonTown this summer was outrageous and the security took way too long to respond.
We pay way too much at Disney parks to be subject to these hostilities and lack of timely security response.

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