Ok, fine, not impersonating BFF

Since @ryan1 has pointed out that I would have to nefariously acquire BFF’s fingerprint and tap her into the park in order to use her LL I have resigned myself to finding a new plan.

I have about 4 hours on my own before BFF arrives on Sunday 4/21. CL 6. I land at MCO at 12:40 with no checked bags. Uber to POP. I figure I should be able to drop my bags at POP and get to MK by 2:30-3:00? My crazy plan is to ride Tron twice (VQ + ILL$), hopefully squeeze in a visit with a ghost host because that is objectively the best attraction in Disney history, monorail to EPCOT, ride GOTG twice (VQ + ILL$) before BFF gets to EPCOT around 6:30-7:00.

Can it be done? Can I get two VQs and two ILL$ all by myself at 7am? Strategy? I’m thinking:

1-Tron VQ via BG1 (how long do I need to delay to try for an afternoon return time?)
2-Tron ILL$ (what time should I shoot for?)
4-GOTG ILL$ for 6ish

If I have to chose I’d chose to pay $$ to guarantee my ride and shorter wait time.

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Love the ambition. Four hours seems conservative to have two BG’s at two different parks called. Or, are you saying BFF might be there already as you wait for the BG?

No, once BFF arrives I will abandon ride plans. We’ll snack and imbibe at F&G instead.

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I have not done Tron VQ but the line always looks really long as I breeze by with my ILL. I’ve waited 30-60 min for VQ on Guardians. So that extra time would be my worry for you.


Last Saturday, I used BG1 to obtain a VQ for Tron. I waited until ~7:00:01.5 to tap to join and ended up with VQ 46. This was called around 10:40 am.

You can try 7:00:02 to 7:00:03, perhaps? Hard to be that precise. I waited, trying for a group that would be called sometime after 9 am, but before 1 pm. Worked out for me…but a bit of luck on my side.

We waited about 50 minutes in line.

We also purchased an ILL for Tron. I happened to pick 10:40 am, so it just worked out they were identical arrival times! Anyhow, the LL took close to 20 minutes.

As far as the ability to get a VQ for both GOTG and Tron…not sure…but if it were me, I would much prefer two rides on GOTG than Tron. Tron is not nearly as fun as GOTG. The LL on GOTG takes about 20 minutes because you don’t skip the pre shows.

So, if it were me, I would try for the GOTG VQ, and then purchase the ILL for Tron and GOTG that best fits your schedule.


You can only hold one VQ at a time, so that part of the plan isn’t going to work unfortunately.

I’d go for Guardians so that if you get an early time you know you can still ride.

You can buy both ILLs though and go for one VQ.


Perfect! Thank you. I mean, I fell a little like you owed me a plan since you felt that the Artemis Fowl fingerprint plan may have been taking it too far :wink:

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Ah! I knew you could only hold one VQ for a particular ride at a time but it had not occurred to me that you could only hold one VQ all together. Makes total sense.

Well…it just really depended on whether you wanted to retain the “forever” part of that BFF title. :nerd_face:

Meh. It’s been 36 years. Feels like a good enough run.

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Not to throw a wrench in your plans, but since you say you’re willing to pay for LL, what if your flight is delayed?

Then I plead my case with (hopefully) understanding CMs at a Blue Umbrella.