Ohio Parks

The Governor of Ohio just announced that casino’s, amusement Parks and water parks will be allow to open two weeks from today so June 19. Yesterday it was announced that the zoo’s and museums and several other entertainment type venues were allow to open June 10. Starting to feel more hopeful!


It’s a great feeling. I just made my June 21st reservation for Silver Dollar City.


The Ohio parks and Silver Dollar City are great parks. Have fun!

So far, Cedar Fair hasn’t announced re-opening. On their website, they acknowledge they are allowed to, but are working out how to do so safely.

This has me a bit flummoxed. It comes across as if Cedar Fair has just been sitting around doing little planning for re-opening…and now that they have the okay to do so, are going, “Oh…um…yeah. We’ll get back to you on how we do that.”

I’m not saying that’s actually the case…but it is how it is coming across.

What is weird is that Cedar Fair should have a MUCH easier time opening up Cedar Point and King’s Island compared to places like Disney and Universal. Almost EVERYTHING is outside in the open. Even if they don’t open up any indoor eateries, they would be fine because they have so many places to get food outside.

I can only figure it has to do with employees. They probably don’t have the staffing in place to open up at this point, since a large percentage of their ride operators are seasonal college students,

I do agree that they seem to be behind or maybe it is just coming off that way. But I know some of it has to do with seasonal workers. I am sure employees are going to be a big deal in how quickly they can open. Kings Island has a lot of local seasonal employees so I think once they get things moving they will have enough to operate. Cedar Point on the other hand has always heavily relied on international exchange programs and students from outside Sandusky so I will be interested to see how they handle that. They had canceled a lot of training for new and returning associates in mid March, so hopefully they can pick that back up quickly to have enough people to operate effectively. If I had to put an estimate on it, July 1

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But don’t all those college kids need work? My boys just started working last Monday and this Monday as their normal employer (aquatics center in town) still isn’t open. The older one went back to his summer job as Parks Maintenance for the county, but the younger had a terrible time finding work. Despite signs on every “essential business” that they were hiring (Lowe/s, Wendy’s, McDonald’s Taco Bell, Burger King, nursing homes, home and garden centers) he kept hearing they didn’t have any open positions. Thankfully, a friend got him a full time job at a golf course not too far away. Our local amusement parks aren’t reopened yet, either.

Yeah. And, something I just recalled…the student employees generally stay on-site in “dorms” at Cedar Point. But that seems like a COVID-19 nightmare situation. Which means, Cedar Point would need to figure out how to house employees safely, or else rely exclusively on locals.

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CP was also reportedly using some of their housing units for first line workers who needed places to stay during the past few months.

Kings Island just made their official announcement with opening date and safety protocols. Masks required. People are all over FB and Twitter freaking out…and I am sitting back and laughing. They are in the denial/angry stage we were all in weeks ago with Disney. Luckily I’ve made it to the stage of acceptance. :laughing:

haha - yes! I feel the same way!! Following the Disney discussions had me well prepared.

I love that Annual passholder’s have access July 2-11 before daily ticket holders. I can’t wait!

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I agree I plan to try to go at least one day with my kids to see how they do with the mask. I was fully prepaid being part of this group that the plans would have a lot of similarities to Universal and Disney. Not really surprised by any of it. Glad they finally have a date.

Kings’ Isand season passholders - go get your reservations!


It appears you can only book one day per passholder during the passholder only days.

Kings Islands reservation system went live this morning for the season pass days. It was very smooth, didn’t have any issues. If you have passes have them handy you will need them. They issue a new ticket, which is kind of interesting.

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This is great news! We have a Cedar Fair platinum pass. I hope it’s just as smooth in other CF parks.

I am sure it will be, they all use the same systems. Only downside right now you can only hold one day at a time. It looks like the capacity for KI is being caped at 20,000. They have it broken down by how many spots are left when you pick your time to enter.